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Rockwell SAP BW (Business Warehouse) Interview Questions
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how can u know the cube size? in detail show me u have screen shots

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We have standard info objects given in sap why you created zinfo objects can u tell me the business scenario


We have standard info cubes given in sap why you created zinfo cubes can u tell me the business scenario


In keyfigure what is meant by cumulative value, non cumulative value change and non cumulative value in and out flow.


when u creating infoobject it shows reference and template what is it

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what is meant by compounding attribute tell me the scenario?

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I have 3 cubes for that I created multiprovider and I created a report for that but I didn’t get data in that report what happen?

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I have 10 cubes I created multiprovider I want only 1 cube data what u do?

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what is meant by safety upper limit and safety lower limit in all the deltas tell me one by one for time stamp, calender day and numberic pointer?


I have 80 queries which query is taking so much time how can you solve it


In compression level all requests are becoming zero which data is compressing tell me detail


I created process chain 1st day it taking 10 min after that 1st week it taking 1 hour after that next time it taking 1 day with a same loads what happen how can u reduce the time of loading

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where can we find transport return codes


I have a report it taking so much time how can I rectify


what is offset? Without offset we create queries?


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Rockwell SAP BW (Business Warehouse) Interview Questions

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