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Rites Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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What is logic behind the use of Steel bar insted of gold bar?

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What are the tests conducted on coarse aggregates ?

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Draw the cross section of a boundary wall and label its part with detailing?


What is '43' in OPC43 cement? What is '35' in M35 grade of concrete? Is there any link between them ?

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What is the density of steel? what is the IS code for steel structures? 1t/m2 = ?KN/m2 ??

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Drar the reinforcement detailing of Internal Hinge ?

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What is the IS code for cube testing?

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What is the main difference between crushing test and impact test in coarse aggregate?

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what is the difference between stress and pressure??

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what shape of coarse aggregates are ideal for concreting?

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what type of surveying is used for inaccessible area??

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What does 'M' stands for in M24 bolt ?

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what does '415' in FE415 stands for??

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Draw a neat sketch showing the 'throat' of a welding in a plate girder ?


what do you mean by 'redistribution' of forces?

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