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Atiric Software Interview Questions
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What is meaning of fullpath client in business objects?

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I want to set position for a particular text in a certain position in several of my cics maps.Please provide me with a solution. Ex: If "F1-Help" has to be set to pos(4,27) always in all the maps within a PDS.


Tell me a critical defect in which your Client,PM,PL appreciate on you


how many types of operating system are avaliable?


If i pay for general expense (and party provide me gst details) through credit card then how i can enter party details


What we mean by MAT Credit Entitlement ???


To what type of programms have you used scratch macros?


Coverage of 25mm.thick ratio of 1:4 cement mortar?


Can anybody post some real time scenario in qtp? please its very urgent.


UG cable sizes were specified in sqmm. But practically its not coming to mesure. What's the reason for that? And how they specify the size of the cable?


what is Speculative Execution?


What are the fundamental ways to estimate visual motion in 1-D?


The server is already having the list of IP addresses of all its authorized clients & if any client is requesting the server to do a task, it is sending its IP address(encapsulated in the packet) to the server.The server can easily match that IP address with that on its list and check if it's authorized client or not, then why we need inverse domain...........


What is the difference between preventive-maintenance and periodic-maintenance?


Which depends on the percepts and actions available to the agent? a) Agent b) Sensor c) Design problem d) None of the mentioned


why are choose the transformer ratings in KVA?


Atiric Software Interview Questions
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