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AT&T CCNA Interview Questions
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take a pen and copy before solving that question there is a router name Ra there is two switch sw1 and sw2 sw1 is coneceted through fa0/1 interface of router Ra sw2 is conected through the fa1/1 serai interface of router s0/1 conected through the isp with it ip address now therer are three host conexted through the sw1 and having ip host1= host2= host3= now there is also 3ree host conected through switch 2 i.e sw2 having ip host4= host 5= host 6= now i think u have made corect questios is started network admin configure the Ra router in that fassion Ra(config)#access-list 2 permit Ra(config)#line vty 0 4 ra(config)#access-class 2 in now question is that why should network admnistratoe do it in this maneer A to give access sw1 host to acess internet B to prevent sw1 host from acessing comand promt c to prevent sw2 host from accessing console of router ra D to give sw2 host access to the enternet e prevent sw1 host from accessing internet f to prevent sw1 host from acessing the sw2 host network isp------(s0/1)..RA..(fa1/1)---SW2-host (4,5,6) | | (sw1)------host 1,2,3 this is not exect digarm but help to derive the diagram plz answer as soon as possible

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