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QLogic Interview Questions
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1. Write configuration tests for a web based application. 2. How does a plane turn on ground? Explain with logic. 3. How would you test the volume control for a music system? 4. You have been given an application and you have only 15 mins to test the application. How would you do the testing? 5. Your machine, which is on a network has been disconnected. How you debug the problem? 6. What is the sum of numbers from 1 to 1000? 7. What is the probability that on rolling four dices same number appears on all dices? 8. You have been given 8 identical balls out of which one of them is heavier. How would find the heavier ball in the least number of tries with the help of a balance? Explain 9. There is a disc which has been painted half black and half white. You have been given sensors which could detect white or black colors. The disc is revolving in either clockwise or anticlockwise direction with variable angular speed. Find the minimum number of sensors required to determine the direction of rotation of the disc. 10. 64,54,42,31,20 which number does not fit in the series?

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