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Ascent Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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Difference Between FBT and TDS?

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give journal entries for the following jan-1 started business with cash 50000 & loan 80000

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please send me latest & previous years question papers for IOCL Technical level questions


Dear All, Please reply ASAP. I have an account with SBI and ICICI bank. I have mention the Authorised bank address of SBI in our Shipping bill and GR. But we have received the Payments in ICICI Bank. Please inform who are able to realise the Bank Realisation Certificate (BRC)ICICI or SBI. Can SBI are quolify for refuse for BRC Application. Please reply of this query on regards Kalpesh Jani 9978912950


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Why we reconcile our debtors? what steps we taken during reconciliation.


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Ascent Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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