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Nest Programming Languages AllOther Interview Questions
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Difference between abstract class and Interfaces in Java

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How to write a test cases for the following Please it is urgent Once user clicks that link Invite Friend page opens up thru which user can do 2 functions - first is to search friends detail(name, mail id) from her address book in other sites (india times, yahoo, gmail and rediff) and second to mail the invite to the selected person/s. User can send invite to multiple person at same time. Searching friends detail in other address books will work like this: - User will input name, email id, pwd etc, select from which site she want to get friends list and then click on Import. - Users address book from other sites will be imported in one shot(first time) to iDiva database. - It will be arranged in alphabetical order(complete list) and mail ids which are already used will be in different color. - User will be able to update her address book by clicking on ""Refresh"" button on the page, which will trigger the process again, and fetch new mail ids.


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