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NEC Interview Questions
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The method used to obtain alcohol from molasses is called (a) Distillation (b) Hydrolysis (c) Fermentation (d) Oxidation

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Who among the following has been called the Tagore of Punjabi? (a) Puran Singh (b) Amrita Pritam (c) Gurubaksh Singh (d) None of the above

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The metal used in storage batteries is 1 Iron 2 Copper 3 Lead 4 Tin

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what is difference between fund flow and cash flow

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How maesure earth neutral value & how much maximum value value required in between earth & neutral.


please help to write the code of chess game in c++??????????

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why we are caling 440 volt 3 phase supply instead of 660 volt 3 phase supply? because each phase as a voltage of 220 volt. if anybody know the answer for my question please send it to my mail id. thank you.

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what is the next number in the series 3,26,15,124,

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how to develop dynamic dashboards, and what is the difference between static and dyanmic dashboards in report studion and need with example. plz mail me on this email id


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