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NDA NDA Interview Questions
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Which one of the following is not an Igneous Rock? (a) Basalt (b) Dolerite (c) Granite (d) Limestone

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Which of the following States is least developed in rail routes? (a) Chhattisgarh (b) Jharkhand (c) Manipur (d) Uttaranchal

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what is equivalent to rank of major in navy?

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what is the centre code of mumbai, nashik, pune for the forthcoming NDA examination in 2009?

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what they judge through interview

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i got selected for nda but how should i prepare for ssb interview?could anyone please give me exact details of "PIQ"?

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Why do want to become a defence officer?

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tell me ur relation with father, mother and siblings

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what is the difference between maoism ,naxalism ,and communism?

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who was the india first prime minister

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Why do you want to join defence, however there are many options for your carrier like Engineering, doctor etc.?

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Suppose in your family there is someone who is in contact with some terrorist group and you have been informed the he/she is responsible for mumbai terror attack then what you will do?

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i want to know that can we give nda exam after 10 class

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sir i am 21 years old. i have all the qualities and requirements to join nda. but due to some reasons i had to change my date of birth in my certificate. i changed it to 1993 my actual date of birth is 1989. can i still apply for the admission test.

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