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NCR Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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What is TDS

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PRICING…… I have a requirement where I have a fright condition which is a header condition for the whole document, I will be maintaining the fright condition recorder (header level) because it’s header condition, now the requirement is if I want to have 5 conditions to be calculated for each item because let’s say I have 5 line items, I want to see how the side calculated first of each item so what’s the best way to take out that out of the system in standard configuration, how can we achieve this?..... REPEATING question (I have a fright condition, now fright condition is a header condition, now my requirement is I wanted to applied that fright condition each line item level so fright condition applies a header level but my requirement is I want to see each and every line item should also get this fright condition on the value of the item, let’s say my fright is $100 so I have 5 line item, each item has the 10 10 10… so build on that value I want to purpurnate the fright condition, how can we achieve this from the standard system configuration stand point?


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Demonstrated system testing experience in a large on-line environment – with at least 2 years experience including Development of test strategies development of test plans • execution of tests according to plans • defect management • using industry tools (eg HP Quality Centre formerly 'Mercury Quality Centre' (Test Director) , and • experience in interrogating and querying SQL server and Mainframe dtabases using tools such as RC Update, BRIO, SQL Server Management Studio


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