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Muthoot Group Interview Questions
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What experience have you had in payroll?

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what is BRS

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Tell me your profile at your current job?

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what are the similarities between cost accounting and management accounting?

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I am BSC( student & I want to give the interview for account assistant/executive. what preparation is required, please tell me.

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hi,myself mona i m selected by the MUTHOOT FINANCE Ltd as a Account and operation officer,what kind of question they ask me in written test which include numerical and aptitude

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hi i m revathi am apply for the muthoot finance now call for me. how i prepared for the exam. please help me..

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How to Close housing loan account while preparing profit and loss account

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Dear all, Could you suggest me that if got a job in a/cs in Big org but on payroll of Outsourcing company,What should to prefer the company payroll or job the ?


the present state of recession in the IT industry- as a human resource manager how are you going to undertake Human resource planning at macro level to tide over this crisis


Hi dis is lalitha. I got selected for muthoot finance PO for the final interview. can u plz tell me what type questions they will ask? my mail id is can u plz pass the questions to my mail, my interview is on jan 04,2012. Thanks in advance.

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What is the entry to be passed on receiving the tds certificate in the books of the deductee?


respected sir/mam,my husband is working in us from feb 6,2012 so i am not having his pay slip and bank statement and I-797 form.will u please suggest me.thank u


my 1st friend gave me 1000 and 2nd gave me 500 i have loos 1000 rupees then i purchase some thing with the cost of 300 and gave 100 100 both friends 1st friend remaining 900 and 2nd remaining 400 900+400+300=1600 why

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please share your learnings in estimation and retrospects towards the same


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please inform me , how to make employee ladger account of salary...please inform me with entry..e.g if we give 14000 salary, as structure we put it half amount in advance and half is salary so in this case how to make entry in employee ledger account...please inform me...both things..Thank You.


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