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Motorola Interview Questions
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write a C code to reverse a string using a recursive function, without swapping or using an extra memory.

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write a C code To reverse a linked list

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Difference between Class and Struct.

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How does the scheduler know the time how it should be scheduled.

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Tell about strtok & strstr functions

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how we can make the connection among the phones?

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through which algorithm does the garbage collector works? how the garbage collector will understand that the object will going to be deleted?


is Motorola GSM Duplexer active or passive device?


delete data from staging table as it loads to target is the case we are getting data from 3 different server.a b and c.the data from server A loaded into staging table and we ran the task and data loaded to target today data from server B and C also got loaded to the staging what techniques and what transformations should be used to delete only the data which has been loaded only to the target.we need to delete only that data from staging which has been loaded into the target.looking for your responses

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Motorola Interview Questions

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