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Mobily Interview Questions
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how many types of cloning?

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provide example where initiated and followed up on a project until its completion ?


Give example of situation where you were able to set priorities and abide by them ?


describe achievement that you were able to accomplish despite the presence of obstacles ?

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describe a situation where you influenced others to achieve a common goal or objective?

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Give example on how your communication was important in achieving what you were aiming for ?

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Provide example where your creativity and innovation were instrumental in achieving your target ?

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can u deactivate my music massage from mobily? some times i recharge my a/c then after sometimes one massage come and sr.4/- debited from my account. so please help me stop the massage about music or what. i don't know stop them please.from yesterday i have lose sr.8/- from my account.


what is transmission ?how transmission is done in nokia 3G?


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