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Mindteck Interview Questions
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how can we identify the regression testcases suppose we hava three functionalities for these functionalities we had write some testcases in that testcases how can we find out them

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a single linked list consists of nodes a to z .print the nodes in reverse order from z to a using recursion


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You are a contract project manager working with the State of Bliss. Your latest project involves rewriting the Department of Revenue's income tax system. As project manager, you have taken all the appropriate actions regarding confidentiality of data. One of the key stakeholders is a huge movie huff, and she has the power to promote you into a better position at the conclusion of this project. She's reviewing some report data that just happens to include confidential information regarding one of her favorite movie superstars. What is the most appropriate response? A. Report her to the management team. B. Request that she immediately return the information, citing conflict of interest and violation of confidential company data. C. Do nothing as she has the proper level of access rights to the data and this information showed up unintentionally. D. Request that she immediately return the information until you can confirm that she has the proper level of access rights to the data.


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