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  • APSPSC interview questions (13)

APSPSC Group II AllOther Interview Questions
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sir i am preparing for aso exam so plz send a copy of previous question papers?


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I run a small consultancy firm (partnership with my mother) from my residence address. My firm is not registered, but I do have a separate PAN for it. I do not have any salaried employees. I get work done by freelancers and vendors and pay them against invoice. My annual revenues are just about Rs 5-6 lakhs. I am aware that I would need to register for service tax once I touch Rs 9 lakhs. But I am confused about my obligation to get a TAN and deduct TDS for all vendor/freelancer payments. Are there any minimum thresholds for withholding TDS? Right now I pay 100% of invoice amounts. Please advise.


integration test cases for mouse and keyboard


What is reconcile Adjustment Account in SAP Business One


Where burned of electricity,when,who, & why.


what is the method used for marking of cantilevers in hirise buildings by using theodolite


In banking domain how many Fact tables,Dimension table are present?


what would a proxy server do? what is primary domain controller? what is DNS?how does it differ froma DHCP?


R/3 extraction failed - recovery procedure? R/3 extraction is running from past 2 years. Suddenly it failed since 5 days and again today it is running fine. But how i do get data loaded to cube for failed loads? What are the procedures that can be followed?


Describe the process for creating and adding to material BOMs. Include release procedure/status, notifications, responsibilities, authorizations, involved systems, Engineering Change Management, and so on.


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which kind of questions can be asked to a mba in sbi interview?


Tell about your work experience. Why you quit that job?


what is disadvantages of waterfall model ?? industry used which model ??


Why u do mba and then why u do the commititive examination and how it help in police department


Identify some of the major personality traits of Indian mamagers .cana manager use such traits in shaping his /her actions for better results in the organizations ?


APSPSC Group II AllOther Interview Questions
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