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MGL Interview Questions
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How will you load dynamic assembly? How will create assemblies at run time?

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Dear All, Can anybody tell me how to predefind no. of selected rows from a text file.

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whst is encapsulation?when u encpsulate actually while devoloping code?

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what is the messsage u r going to get from an objectoriented programing?


difference between at selection-screen and at selection-screen output?

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Write the relation between EER , COP , SEER in airconditioning?

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you have to select fourth vendor no in basic list go to open new list ( secondary list) . what is the coding in interactive report ?.. tell me the coding clearly plz?...

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How part payment will be done in app is it possible if possible how and if not how?

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while we using change capture stage we have to be take two table thats are 1.before table 2. after table . what is before table and after table please give me clear notation Thank You very much in advance

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