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Merrill Lynch Interview Questions
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Why use RUNSTAT Utility?

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What is one of the first things you would do to increase performance of a query? For example, a boss tells you that ?a query that ran yesterday took 30 seconds, but today it takes 6 minutes?

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What is reflection?

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What are the magic tables in SQL Server 2000?

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What is ment by prorate convention?

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how many types of variables in cognos report net and cognos 8

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I have to create a windows application using C# .net to Modifiy the XML file. The application have to show the node and node value. plz help me.

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How can i load the text box and label at the runtime based on the existing text box and tabel

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what is impersonation in ASP.NET?

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what is the difference b/w abstract and interface?

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How to find How Many Lines in Sysin DD * Parameter Thru Cobol Coding? If any one knows the Answer Please Reply .....Thanks From Shree

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Suppose I have Five Steps in PROC In this Case I want to Execute third Step in PROC using Main JCL don't use any COND Explain with Coding Thanks & Regards SHREE

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What is the difference between pageContext and page implicit objects in jsp?

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What is the purpose of premetive data types in java?

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What is the difference between a Dataset and DataReader? Can dataReader hold data from multiple tables?

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