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Apex General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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In the recent past, Reliance has found the gas in?.. 1 Mumbai offshore 2 Mahanadi basin 3 Krishna-Godavari basin 4 Kaveri basin

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How many Internet Architecture installs will you need for three application server domains?


What is SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) ?


I have a task regarding access database. I and my organization is using access database  to maintain my access files in well mannered way. But due to varied reasons access file showing error message Error 3112: Your access database got corrupted will not be able to show the database. Due to this error message I will not be able to access my access database. I don't have any idea how to recover access database or how to fix access database errors without affecting my original database????? Is there any relevant solution to repair access database?????


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What is motherboard in pc? And why it is called motherboard.


How to create a extended warranty from sales order booking?


Can anyone tell me the new features in Informatica 9 Version?


Name the indicator diagram.


what is upper impedance and lower impedance of a distance relay


 What is footprinting in ethical hacking? What is the techniques used for footprinting?


Why are Plasmodiophoromycetes not true fungi?


How to make backups?


list the advantages of RCCB over other circuit breakers?


In general bus riser follows the bus section in SWGR. What are impacts if bus section follows bus riser?


Why PS class CT is always preferred for Differential protection?


Apex General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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