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Kerala Public Service Commission Interview Questions
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Which one among the following ports has the largest shipyard in India? (a) Kolkata (b) Kochi (c) Mumbai (d) Visakhapatnam

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A chemical reaction that takes place with the evolution of heat is called a/an (A) Reversible reaction (B) Endothermic reaction (C) Thermal reaction (D) Exothermic reaction

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Which state produces the bulk of natural rubber produced in India? (1) Tamil Nadu (2) Karnataka (3) Kerala (4) Andhra Pradesh

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. Which period of the Five Year Plan is called ‘Plan Holiday’? (1) 1971-74 (2) 1962-65 (3) 1966-69 (4) None of the above

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if an ice cube place in a beaker contained water for some time,wether the quantity of water inside the beaker increases?

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what happens to the bank rate during inflation ? (A)kept constant (B) Raised (C) Lowered (D) None of these

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what is mcArther pile?


which type of foundation is used for seismic prone area?

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i am preparing for AMVI(Motor Vehicle Inspector) kerala psc so could u please guide me how to prepare for this exam in every aspects(technical, gk etc.,)please help me and send me the previous exam papers if u have. please please...

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