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Kanbay QTP Interview Questions
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In Object Repository, two actions r there. Action1 name is A.tsr, Action2 name is B.tsr. Is it Possible? if Yes, what is the out put of A+B? if No, why?

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Maximum synchronizing time out in QTP

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If we are record a same web page for 2 times.1st time it is showing 6 objects in the Object Repository and for the 2nd time it is showing like 7 Objects in the Object Repository why it is happening

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We developed 100 descriptive programms and put in running, in the midle if any descriptive program is stucked with some error? what will happend weather it will execute the remaining prg's or it will terriminate ?

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How can we record an edit box in the Web application ?

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What is a Web Table?

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What is InStr()

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How can we count the no of rows are available in a data table ?

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How can we make a shared object repository in QTP 9?

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How we can do Batch testing in QTP?

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how we can do web browser using parametarisation in QTP ?

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tell me QTP standards ?plz


what is bultin funtaion in QTP &tell me five examples?

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key word driven frame work is like a folder structure Question is that where is the folder like funtion library folder,object repository,data base,application scenerio folder etc are store whether in a remote machine where we have to access or in our machine (it just like VSS)


Can anybody post some real time scenario in qtp? please its very urgent.


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