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Kaar Technologies SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions
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What do you mean by cost carrier ?

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What do you mean by Goods Clearing ? What are the journal entries for Clearing of Goods ?

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In Asset accounting I have 10000 Assets with me and we have posted depreciation for all the 10000 assets for the month of March Now we are in April and my account is saying that there are 5 assets need to be reversed due to some reason and he has asset numbers also, they are using ECC Can this be done ? As a consultant what will be the solution you give on this scenario?

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I have placed a PO for an item 100 qty Rs.10/Per qty , therefore total cost of the item is Rs. 1000, and this PO Is GR based invoice verification checked. Vendor is sending me 100 QTY but my store keeper doing GRN only for 98, because he is saying that he lost two quantity, so the GRN has been made for Rs 980. Now the vendor is sending me the invoice for total 100 Qty , which is coming to RS.1000 in total. Now you need to do invoice verification for this RS. 1000 to vendor. Will you able to do? If so how? If not why?


I have a customer and I have a special agreement with him that he always come to my premise and takes delivery and making by cash. In this case instead of debiting customer you have to debit the cash account. Is this possible ? If so how and why and If not how and why ?


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Kaar Technologies SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions

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