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Anibrain Interview Questions
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what is a ambeant acclusion?

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ok how would i do the following extract from a file i have ssns = 267907230 which are in column 7 into a separate data set then create a 2nd job step to extract from the data set created the following "fund code" which is in column 31 and is 113 into yet another data set


Distinguish between sale and consignment


I have a relay contact rated at 220v dc which is supplied with a 24vdc from the panel,for it to trip the dampers(24vdc).What if the application of the relay changes so that it should work at its rated 220vdc then will it work at 24vdc supply given or any other consideration needs to be taken .....


the greatest diversity of animal and plant species occurs in


what are the constituents of nutrient solution for hydroponic system?


What is the primary configuration file for a process scheduler server and where is it located?


Does the surgical method for open heart surgery differ today? If so, how?


when A client sent a request to the server to open facebook page and close the browser after this request .at that time the same user do login by using a different browser then that session id will exist or not for the same client??


what is meant by 2 within a star in a voltmeter dial?


Write a program to find factorial of a number using functions


if in 3-phase system voltage=440V,frequency=60Hz, current=400A. then if it is single phase then current=? and if it is single phasing then current=?


Caching, Multithreading and RAMBUS are 3 methods for resolving the Bottleneck problem. Please give an explanation for each one (how are they resolve the problem?)


which phase is preferred for connecting 1 phase vt used for synchronizing OHL? WHY?


Which level of the Transformer oil got dielectric strengh? And why?


what r the advantages & disadvantages of teamleader?


Anibrain Interview Questions
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