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Jindal Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the unit weight if concrete?.

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Hello sir,I am preparing for GET,Jindal steel & power limited.So can u plz send me few back papers including technical & aptitude.

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How to calculate cut bar length of steel reinforcement?

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weight rcc m30

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how much binding wire is required for one tone steel

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what is the 0 value in quantity surveying


beam length 73 feet 4 inch,width 01 feet,height 50 inch so every beam load how much? and what quantity of M.S ROD? both side ony two column in middle no column.pls inform me that this is stable or not ? and how much risk of this beam?


What are the methods to do a estimate.

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What Should be the CBR Value for Transported (Selected) Soil.whether it can be 5% or not ?

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How to calculate material requirement for 230mm thick, 1 sq.m brick masonry?

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Should column area deducted from form work measurement of slab in building?

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Jindal Civil Engineering Interview Questions

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