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ING Interview Questions
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What is the main advantage of creating links to a file instead of copies of the file?

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The headquarters of International Red Cross are at: (a) Geneva (b) New York (c) Stockholm (d) Paris

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In which sector of the Indian economy the Malhotra Committee on Reforms suggested changes? (1) Banking (2) Insurance (3) Exports (4) Imports

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Explain briefly your project.


Bank Charges (FIRC CHARGES) what the meaning of FIRC Charges?

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1. What is the difference between Traditional Marketing and Modern Marketing? Give some examples of those companies which are doing Business in India more than 50 years and how they changed from traditional marketing to modern marketing.

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how to find the given number is prime or not?

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Did you have access to all the modules(Requirements, Test plan,Test Lab, Defects, & Dashboard) in Quality Center(QC) or only to some particular ones?

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Can anyone tell me what is exactly mean by employer mapping in recruitment


How can I open a EXCEL file from QTP Resultviewer with reporter.ReportEvent function call. Example: Test files for details click "here". And clicking "Here" in the resultviewer will open a local EXCEL FILE.


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