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AMIE Interview Questions
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What is load boxes ?


Brushless excitation of synchronous generators and motors

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what are the advantages disadvantages of connecting high voltage block( 1:1 transformers) transformers between the turbo generators and busbars.


What is inter-corporate deposits? and where it is shown in balance sheet?


hi,iam learning testing tools in mindq.i want to put 2+exp. is there any problem with that. tell me what are the Interview questions for experienced peopole. please give me the answer. thanq


if yahoo ceo asks you to do performance testing for yahoo site, what are the inputs you ask from them?


For what Purpose we should pay Profession Tax? After paying Profession Tax we can get benefit for personnel return filling? If Yes? than where?


what is meaning of MDM in sap?let me know that meaning


I wish to create a windows application to perform a similar function as that of the "Search" which is provided to look for related files and folders in the System.. What steps must i follow??


What is the purpose of gravity tank in the stern tube


How can leveltrol be installed in steam drum for measuring the level of steam drum


what is difference between mail sendig in .net 1.1 and .net 2.0


How to change size of Initial number of records to *NOMAX for ALL PF files from perticular library, how can I do that


if you are a hard working nature conclude your self?


why field status maintain at ps level and gl level


How to measure the Harmonic Distortion of UPS ie THD?


How will you prepare traceability matrix if there is no Business Doc and Functional Doc?


AMIE Interview Questions
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