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Infinite Computer Solutions Interview Questions
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what is the differance between .DLL & .EXE

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What are all the standard interfaces in the GL,AP,AR,PO,OM and INV?

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when there is no enough time to compleate the test what you will do ?

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what is run time object

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what is objectrepositry

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what is project architecture?give brief explanation about project architecture?

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what is input pramater out output pramater ?i want the decrepation..?how to use in QTP?

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what is the difference between project based testing and product based testing?

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what is the difference between BVA&ECP?

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In single page subfile,if I select the mutiple options in 1 page and without pressing enter,I press rollup key (pagedown).In such case how I can handle it in rpg becasue in single page we have to handle it in pgm. It would be helpful if any one answer with coding

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struts comes under which layer of three tire architecture in real time projects plz i need explaination?

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what is INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT and how it is related to database,mainframes,java, overall how can u explain what it is and how much it is useful for fresher in the company bec iam selected for IM training?(basically iam java trained candidate)


While we are doing data migration, how you upload partially closed invoices.


What is BGP attribute & How many types of attributes are used by BGP???

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What will happen inside init() in servlet. my interviewer asked servlet lifecycle. i said "once servlet is loaded in to memory init() will be called which performs servlet initialization " . Again interview asked what values will be initialized . what is difference between init() and init(ServletConfig config).

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what are the expectations of QA from unit level testing


What are data privacy concerns in openstack? How can those be remediated?


What is flag in database?


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What are overheads?


Changes and enhancements to system?


In which bank the government of india has acquired rbo’s stake?


1. Tell me Some of AS IS sceniours you have come accross in your projects (related to FICO modul) 2. Tell me some expamples of Gap Analysis that you have come accross in your respective module ie in FICO 3. Tell me some of expample of BPR


write a c program for display 1 upto timers using for loop,do while loop,while loop


What is jsp usebean?


How do internal quality audits cover requirements management activities in the project?


What is a private class in c#?


You are developing your project schedule and have decided to use the PERT method to determine project duration. The estimates you've gathered so far include the following: Most likely is 200 hours, optimistic is 180 hours, and pessimistic is 220 hours. Which of the following is the correct PERT estimate? A. 190 B. 266 C. 200 D. 210


What do you mean by com (component object model)?