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First Course Interview Questions
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What are interactive proofs and zero-knowledge proofs ?


Hi can any one help me what are the prerequisites to billed before forecasting in SAP APO blue sheet kindly help me the steps............


How much cement is require in one sqft area in a G+3 residential construction.


i want to for technical interview question paper along with in tesrviwe Phases i need


What is the difference between SAP memory and ABAP memory?


what is diffrence b/w file-aid tool and file-aid utility???


How Much static pressure as per NFPA standard is required in the hydrant line?


sir i have 4 year gap in engineering. i would complete my degree it in 2014. it will be may be in 2nd hsc is also with 2nd class. i am week in programming. Then if i want highest package upto 5-6 lacs then what should i prepare myself as a good engineer to get this package???


accounting taxation


Methods to dry up wet induction motors?


Port modes [trunk and access] have any influence on VLAN tagging and un-tagging?


I BTech fresher, passed out in year 2011, my percentage is under 60, I couldnt get placed for tht, given this situation I have no go but to get job anywhere, Im plannng to find a job in Call Center, in customer support role. How to convince the interviewer that I need this job? as most call centers do not offer jobs to B.Tech esp Customer Support jobs. Please help


Assuming that locks are the only reason due to which deadlocks can occur in a system. What would be a foolproof method of avoiding deadlocks in the system.


hi, i have completed Chemical enggneering, plz can anyone provide me GVK BIO company's interview questions. iam attending the interview for the first time..


Please can any one tell me 1).Types of reports 2).Types of Meetings.


First Course Interview Questions
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