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IGCAR Bio Technology Interview Questions
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Which hemeprotein is responsible for storing oxygen in muscle tissues?

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The absorbance of protein at 280 nm is due to which amino acid?

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Which form of plasmid DNA moves quickest thro Agarose gels?

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Agar is a polymer of which of the following? a. glucose b. galactose c. galactosamine d. fructose

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Reverse transcriptase makes...............

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Sulphur containng aminoacids???

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The number of chromosomes in the triploid variety of a plant is 72...what is the number of chromosomes in a diploid genome of the same plant??

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Which hemeprotein helps to store oxygen in muscle tissues?

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Which form of plasmid DNA moves quickest thro'agarose gels?

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The absorbance of protein at 280 nm is due to which amino acid?

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Autotrophs derive energy for photosynthesis from...........

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Which amino acid is responsible for absorbance of amino acid at 280 nm?

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WHICH FORM OF PLASMID DNA travels quickest thro agarose gel?

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If there were 4 bases for each code instead of the usual 3 bases, what would be the total number of possible codons? (its 64 when there r 3 bases for a codon)

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