What do you see as the proper role/mission of…

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…a good (job title you're seeking);

…a good manager;

…an executive in serving the community;

…a leading company in our industry; etc.

These and other "proper role" questions are designed to test your understanding of your place in the bigger picture of your department, company, community and profession….as well as the proper role each of these entities should play in its bigger picture.

The question is most frequently asked by the most thoughtful individuals and companies…or by those concerned that you're coming from a place with a radically different corporate culture (such as from a big government bureaucracy to an aggressive small company).

The most frequent mistake executives make in answering is simply not being prepared (seeming as if they've never giving any of this a though.)…or in phrasing an answer best suited to their prior organization's culture instead of the hiring company's.

Think of the most essential ingredients of success for each category above – your job title, your role as manager, your firm's role, etc.

Identify at least three but no more than six qualities you feel are most important to success in each role. Then commit your response to memory.

Here, again, the more information you've already drawn out about the greatest wants and needs of the interviewer, and the more homework you've done to identify the culture of the firm, the more on-target your answer will be.

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