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what you know about accounting

Answer Posted / bulu sen gupta

All types of current about banking

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Who is considered the father of accounting?


If i pay for general expense (and party provide me gst details) through credit card then how i can enter party details


What software applications have your used for accounts receivable?


What steps would you take before approving an invoice for payment?


Compare financial accounting and cost accounting.


What is invoice processing can u explain it?


What is cost accountancy? What are the objects of cost accountancy?


What is bad debt expense?


What is Statory Books ?


Capital reserve is - a) real account b) nominal account c) personal account d) none of them


what is the procedure to appoint an Austrlian citzen as indian company director...


In a housing society accounting if a defaulter having dues consisting of principal amount and simple interest, pays a part amount whether the received amount should be adjusted first against the interest dues and accordingly reduce the balance principal dues or adjusted only against the principal amount, allowing outstanding simple interest to contineously increase/


Tell me what is ledger?


We have purchased some good from our vendor and we asked them to transport the same to some address but they have raised a debit note to us for transportation instead of invoice. Same like we have given some order to manufacture for developing that product they have charged some amount for that also they have raised the debit note. How to account these type of debit notes in tally..?


What is reversing journal entries?