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speak for 2min about corruption?

Answer Posted / muskan

Criminalization of politics is an important facet of corruption. NN Vohra, Union Home Secretary in his report (1995) on this issue observed: “A network of mafias is virtually running a parallel Government pushing the state apparatus into irrelevance”. Quoting some ‘DIB’ sources, he added, “…there has been a rapid spread and growth of criminal gangs, armed senas, drug mafias, smuggling gangs and economic lobbies in the country, which have over the years developed an intensive network of contacts with bureaucrats, government functionaries at local level, politicians, media persons and strategically located individuals in non-state sector. Some of these syndicates have also international linkages including the foreign agencies.”

Some provisions of IPC -1860 are also identified for amendment. To effectively deal with corruption, Article 310 and Article 311 of the Constitution need to be amended, as remarked by Indian Home Minister P Chidambaram. Not only in bureaucracy but mainly in political establishments, the corruption has strong roots. Helped and promoted by individuals and groups interests, corporate field has also shown rampant corruption. Scam in Satyam Computers is an example of it.

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