write the formula for finding dimension of bearing from bearing number

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1. What is mean by 6205 ZZ

a.6 is the type code, which shows it is a single-row ball
bearing, 2 is the series, means light, 03 is the bore, which
is 17 mm and ZZ is the suffix meaning double shielded bearing.

First two Digit from left indicates bore dia i.e 03 - means
17 mm bore diameter
third digit indicates series like heavy, medium light &
extra light duty - load carrying bearing here its medium
capacity bearing
Last or forth digit shows types of bearing here its Single
row ball bearing
ZZ indicates double shielded bearing

Here is some information on bearing types and nomenclature
that I thought
everyone might enjoy. If you know the bearing number, you
don't need to go to
the dealer, just go to a local bearing distributor or a
place that sells gear
boxes. They should have them or be able to get them in a day.

A bearing number has four parts to it which includes four
numbers and a set of
letters. Each of the first two numbers stand for something,
the last two
designate size. The letters dictate the variation of the
bearing. These letters
can also be followed by more letters designating internal
clearance. In detail:

First number (will be a 1-7) designates the bearing type:
1 = Double Row self-aligning
2 = Double Row self-aligning (wide)
3 = Double Row
4 = Angular Contact
6 = Single Row Deep Groove
7 = Angular Contact

The second number designates the series, or cross section.
This is basically
equivalent to the second number of a tire rating, it's a
ratio of the bore to
the width of the bearing, which also controls the O.D. of
the bearing. The
larger the cross section, the larger the O.D. of the bearing.
18 = Thin Section, Light
19 = Thin Section, Medium
0 = Very Light
2 = Light
3 = Medium
4 = Heavy

The third number (which is a set of two numbers) indicates
the bore (in mm) of
the bearings. All bearings are designated with metric
standards, not inches.
Numbers are as follows:
00 = 10 mm
01 = 12 mm
02 = 15mm
03 = 17 mm
For 20-480mm bore bearings: Last 2 digits x 5 = Bore (mm)
i.e.- if the bearing number was 04 (04 x 5 = 20 mm), 05 (05
x 5 = 25 mm)

The letters after the number indicate the variation. These
change from
manufacturer to manufacturer, but here are some of the
common ones:

Plain -- No Shield
Type Z -- One Shield (normally will have metal shields)
Type 2Z -- Two Shields (one on each side)
Type RS1 -- One Seal (normally the R indicates rubber)
Type 2RS1 --Two Seals (one on each side)
Type LL -- Two Seals (just another manufacturer's designation)
CD -- 15 degree contact angle (for angular contact)
ACD = 25 degree contact angle (for angular contact)

The bearings can also have a C2, C3, C4 or C5 designation
after the bearing
number. This indicates that the internal fit (the inner race
to ball to outer
race) is not standard. If your bearing has one of these
designators, make sure
you get a bearing with the same designator. A C2 is less
than standard
clearance, while a C3, 4, and 5 are larger than standard.

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