what is the difference between RS 232,RS 485,RS 422, how
they different from each other

Answer Posted / jigar bhatt

*RS422 devices also operate Full Duplex.
*transmit&receive signal lines separate for bi-direction comm.

*RS485 operates in a half duplex manner.
*Devices operate as transceivers, but not simultaneous.

*RS232 is unbalanced(i.e Single wire is used to
transmit/receive binary 1 and 0) while RS485 is balanced(i.e
voltage difference is used to transmit/receive binary

Officially the RS485 specification allows only 32 nodes
(devices) on the circuit. However, IC
manufacturers have developed RS485 drivers capable of
allowing 128 to 255 nodes on an
RS485 LAN. This means that you can use our Converters and
Remote I/O devices in more
expansive situations.

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