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consagous technologies placement papers

Answer Posted / abhinav ranjan sinha

Hello friends !!!
I’am Abhinav Ranjan Sinha
College- L.K.C.T(Indore)

I just want to express my personnal experience of getting placed at
Consagous Technologies,to all freshers who are in search of the job.
On 25th of Feb 2011 there was a campus drive of Consagous
Technologies in our college.That was the second time any software company
is coming to our college for batch, I was very excited.
Firstly, they started with a seminar, a small introduction about
the company.Then as the first round of the placement process, they
conducted GD, in every group there was 20 students, and in the GD they just
given the topics on the current affairs ,like- Global warming, Science is a
curse or boon, girls are superior than boys?, etc.
Then after half an hour the result of GD was announced , and
fortunetly I was selected among the 150 other students.
Then there was a written round, that was fully Technical , the
question paper consists of total 50 questions out which 45 are optional and
the rest of the 5 questions are not optional.
Some of them which I remember are-

1.when we pass an argument to a function , then how it is being interpreted?
Ans- Address of the first element of an array. the size of structure can be determined?
3.Complexity of binary search algorithm?
4.what does the symbol << do in c++?
5.what does (.) dot operator do?
6.what is RTTI?
7.What is containership?
And many more questions related to data structure on complexity, C program
output, etc

Then the result was declared on the next day, total 45 students are short
leasted out of 150(approx) and the further rounds of Technical and HR are
after two days.

Then on 28th of Feb 2011 we are called for the next rounds, and that was
the toughest time ever as my turn came almost at last , firstly my name was
announced for the Technical round, there when I entered there are 3 persons
inside the room who are taking the interview, as I entered they asked me to
reduce the speed of the fan, I went to the switch board but the regulator
was not working , then they told me to switch it off.
Then , they offerd me to have a seat, there they asked me about-
1. what is your area of interest?
2. what is recursion?
3. write a program of factorial using recursion.
4. differentiate between My sql and Sql server.
5. they asked me questions related to my minor project.
6. what does get and post method do?
7. what is structure?
8. what is union?

Out of which I have given answers of the many of them.

Then I was called for the PI (personnmal interview) , I was very tired as
it was 6:30 and I was waiting for my turn from 11’o clock onwards. But as
I was very much exited , I just prayed to God and entered in the room, As I
entered I saw two persons there inside the room I wished both of them, and
they offerd me the chair, I replied with thank you sir thank you mam. Then
the first question which I was asked there is-
1.Tell me something about yourself?
2.they asked me of my strengths.
3.then suddenly they started asking aptitude questions, and the main thing
is that they are not repeating the questions, you have to listen it very
And the questions are like—
Que- a man moves 50 km away from his house in the north direction, then he
turns left and moves 50 km , and then again he turns left and moves 50 km,
then at which place he is from his house and at what distance?

Que- the ratio of the age of the two friends are in the ratio 6:5 then
there ratio becomes 8:7 , so how many years they will it takes to gain this

4.where do you see yourself after 5 years?
5.tell me your 5 such skills which you can give to our organization.
6.what do you know about our company?

They both are very calm and are of very good nature, and they are very
supportive which helped me a lott .

And just after half an hour the results had been declared and fortunetly
with God’s Grace I got selected, that was the one of the very most imported
and cherishable moment of my life.

All The Best to all my dear friends , and I wish you for your bright future.

And , at last but not the least, I would like to thanks to Consagous
Technologies to give me such a big opportunity to prove myself in my life,
thank you so much.

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