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Suppose You are a Test Lead in your company. The dead line
of project is next week.But the product have only 50
percent defect free.How you handle this situation?

Answer Posted / suresh reddy madhur

Its all depends on situation ...
for eg.. if you have extra resource available & work can be
shared across FTE's then complete but communicate same
info to projrct mngmt team & stakeholders about the plan &
risks ( New FTE may not be comfortable with this work so
may not do as efficient as existing one & idetify all risks
if any) ...

If FTE is available i another project & if that is having
time then u can bring those to this project & try
complete ...

If above are not available ... Communicate the situation to
all project stakeholders & take a call to discuss the risks
but be prepare from testing point of view that why it has
delayed (Root cause for getting into this situation) &
suggest the best way you think based on situation ....

There will be no single answer for this question .. Its all
depends on situation how you react for that ...

You can contact me on if anyone want
any information on testing -:)

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