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What is defect life cyce?

Answer Posted / shankar

When a tester finds a defect in application, He will send
the defect report to the PL with the status as NEW. He will
check the bug whether it was bug or not. If it was a bug
then he will change the defect status as OPEN and send the
same to the corresponding developer to fix. If it was not a
bug, he may change the status as NOT A BUG, NEED MORE INFO,
CAN'T REPROD. Once it was opened, The corresponding
Developer fix the defect and send the defect report to the
Tester with status as FIXED and release the modified build.
Tester will perform Retest and Regression testing on the
modified build and he will change the status as FIX-
VERIFIED and send the same to the Test Lead. Test Lead will
CLOSE the defect.

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