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My name is A, i not U.S citizen, i was processing K1 visa
till me and my ex have no longer in relationship so we're
made decidsion for stop the process of K1 visa but the
problem is for cancellation visa the petition(my ex-
boyfriend he is US citizen) have to send the letter for
USCIS to cancelled it but since me and my ex broke up, my
ex try to be a jerk he was ignore to send any letter to
cancelled the visa, B cuz he thinks that it isn't effect
him at all. I been try to send letter to US. embassy in my
country so many time and also inform the embassy for the
problem. they only tell me that the petition it's only one
person who can cancelled the process. i really would like
to know is any way to cancelled the process without any
depending ex- boyfriend?

Answer Posted / linda

if that what the embassy is telling you then thats what
they mean only the petitioner who files the ki can stop the
k1 visa prosses

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