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Ans me these questions only on

q-1)when testing will be stopped?

q-2)same application program will run on a standalone
workstation and on connected workstations.Describe what
additional testing is require when workstation are connected?

Answer Posted / sumit chadha

Q1. Testing should be stopped when:
1)Product/Application is free from defects. Defect severity
should have been decided before the testing starts and all
defects of the pre decided severity and above it should be
fixed before it is stopped.
2)Time allowed for testing is over. Prioritize the test
cases if time alloted is not sufficient to complete all the
test cases and keep management/client informed about the
same. This may lead in some production defects.
3)All the test case have passed.

Q2. Additionally test the following:
1) Check how application behaves in case network is down.
Proper messages should be given in such cases to help end
2) In case network is down in between doing some operation,
behaviour should be observed as specified in the product
3) Any field that is editable in the application should be
edited, saved, closed and then reopened to check that those
changes have been there. A similar negative test case
should also be tested.
4) If there is any 'save as' location in the application it
should be tested cause the save location in this case can
be over network and not only the same machine.

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