I had given the interview for IBM (Mainframe CICS Req.) on
16th Jan 2010 @ Pinaki Tech. CP, New Delhi. I had cleared
the Technical and PDM round and submitted the required
docs. with EAF form on the same day and also got a verbal
confirmation from the manager who took the PDM round, that
i'm selected and i'll be getting the offer letter with in 2
weeks. But it is now a month, and i still have got the
offer letter, not even a mail from IBM, communicating a
mail of my selection. When i asked about my status with
consultant he said my status shows "SELECTED FOR OFFER".
This is really fustrating. IBM such a brand name but no
courtsey for its prospective enployees.

If there anyone facing similar problem, please share your

Instant Reply is highly appreciated.


Answer Posted / dinesh

I am also in similar situation. Did you finally received
the offer ? do u know any contact person in IBM HR whom
this can be escalated ?

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