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If one exchange server failed means not working then how
will you check?

Answer Posted / ganesan

(Talking only about the mailbox server and not other roles).

The client connection to the server is lost. So we will
have the pop up stating that the connection to the exchange
server is lost. The client will again try to establish the
connection. This is easily seen in MS Outlook Client.

Next will be our ping test to the server to ensure the
server is alive.
Followed by the DNS – and NSLOOKUP test.
Final will be the telnet – ip address – port test.

If all these test passes then we can log into the exchange
box and start trouble shooting. Like restarting the
required services, finding if the mailbox store is mounted.
Or has the server reached back pressure and is not able to
process the t-logs.

From another exchange server launch the system manager and
navigate to GUI interface (tools – monitoring and status) ,
which will show the server (which is down) - status as

Needless to say – have a look in the event logs. (Hopefully
you have enabled the Diagnostic logging to capture the
required events)

Also larger Organization has monitoring tools which will
automatically send the alerts to the messaging team /
administrator that the server is down. Via Windows OS we
can configure the appropriate SNMP traps to trigger the

I think these are basic things one has to do when a server
is down.

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