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what is the difference between between win 2000 and win 2003
and win 2008

Answer Posted / rama krishna jadab

difference between Group and OU
Summary: Beside almost anything in AD can be added into ouU and group can't. Is there other difference between these two? I try to rebuild my company's personal structure in AD, and there 5 levels: normal empl...

issues about win s 03
Summary: Windows Server 2003 Issues hi, i tried very hard to solve these questions and i don't have any more time, so would you help me with correcting and filling them,,, thanks a lot, i've only 24hs: ______...

64-bit extended systems differenc?
Summary: Hi What is the difference between regular 64-bit and 64-bit extended systems in Win 2003? I noticed that when perparing to download drivers. Some claim its for Itanium (IA) based chipsets. That c...

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