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Between AC generator(alternator) and DC generator which can
be designed for high voltage and why?

Answer Posted / iamdon

AC generator(alternator) can be designed for higher voltage
as compared to DC generator for following reasons.

Large rated alternators are of rotating field
type.i.e,armature is placed on stator which is stationary
and DC field winding is placed on rotor which is moving at
synchronous speed at steady state.

1)Insulation required for armature, is not subjected to any
mechanical stresss because of no rotation of armature.So
insulation for higher voltage is possible.
2)Armature is placed on stator which is outside.There are
more spaces available on armature.So it is easier to
provide more insulation for higher voltage withstanding

DC generator are of rotating armature type due to which above
mentoined beauty is less effective.So insulation for higher
voltage is not easier.

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