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What is Managerial Grid?

Answer Posted / vinay ranjan

Managerial grid model
The Managerial Grid Model (1964) is a behavioral leadership
model developed by Robert Blake and Jane Mouton. This model
identifies five different leadership styles based on the
concern for people and the concern for production. The
optimal leadership style in this model is based on Theory Y.

A graphical representation of the Managerial GridAs shown
in the figure, the model is represented as a grid with
concern for production as the X-axis and concern for people
as the Y-axis; each axis ranges from 1 (Low) to 9 (High).
The five resulting leadership styles are as follows:

The impoverished style (1,1)
In this style, managers have low concern for both people
and production. Managers use this style to avoid getting
into trouble. The main concern for the manager is not to be
held responsible for any mistakes, which results in less
innovative decisions.

The country club style (1,9)
This style has a high concern for people and a low concern
for production. Managers using this style pay much
attention to the security and comfort of the employees, in
hopes that this would increase performance. The resulting
atmosphere is usually friendly, but not necessarily

The produce or perish style (9,1)
With a high concern for production, and a low concern for
people, managers using this style find employee needs
unimportant; they provide their employees with money and
expect performance back. Managers using this style also
pressure their employees through rules and punishments to
achieve the company goals. This style is based on Theory X,
and is commonly applied by companies on the edge of failure.

The middle-of-the-road style (5,5)
Managers using this style try to balance between company
goals and workers' needs. By giving some concern to both
people and production, managers who use this style hope to
achieve acceptable peformance.

The team style (9,9)
In this style, high concern is paid both to people and
production. As suggested by the propositions of Theory Y,
managers choosing to use this style encourage teamwork and
commitment among employees. This method relies heavly on
making employees feel as a constructive part of the company.

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