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what is DLL Hell and how it is solved in .NET?

Answer Posted / robert

DLL Hell :- This is a problem in loading a specific dll
(class id, version number, path etc). For example, if I
build test.dll v1.0.0.0 and deploying it in c:\MyProg. My
application App1 and App2 are using the methods in that
dll. And there is a requirement to change something in App1
and I supposed to change test.dll also for the same
requirement. Once I finished with all my changes, I will be
deploying them in the appropriate locations. Now, the older
dll will be overwritten. And my App2 will look for test.dll
of older version and since it is not there it will not
work. This is a scenario for dll hell issue.
.Net Framework provides operating systems with a Global
Assembly Cache. This Cache is a repository for all the .Net
components that are shared globally on a particular
machine. When a .Net component is installed onto the
machine, the Global Assembly Cache looks at its version,
its public key, and its language information and creates a
strong name for the component. The component is then
registered in the repository and indexed by its strong
name, so there is no confusion between different versions
of the same component, or DLL.

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