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what is DLL Hell and how it is solved in .NET?

Answer Posted / vimal victor

DLL Hell :- This is a problem in loading a specific dll
(class id, version number, path etc). For example, if I
build test.dll v1.0.0.0 and deploying it in c:\MyProg. My
application App1 and App2 are using the methods in that
dll. And there is a requirement to change something in App1
and I supposed to change test.dll also for the same
requirement. Once I finished with all my changes, I will be
deploying them in the appropriate locations. Now, the older
dll will be overwritten. And my App2 will look for test.dll
of older version and since it is not there it will not
work. This is a scenario for dll hell issue.

.NET and dll hell:- .NET has a provision to specify whether
a 'Specific Version' to be loaded or not. If you check with
any dll's propery window, that has a property called
Specific Version. By default it will be false for the dll's
created by users. It means whether the specific version
alone has to be loaded for that project. If that is false,
then te runtime will load any available higher version of
dll for that project. Thus this issue has been sorted out.

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