What is sanity testing? and how to do sanity testing for a

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Sanity Testing:
1. Shallow and wide testing.
2. No indepth functionality testing.

Sanity means that, normal testing to verify that whether
the build is fit for further testing or not?
From GUI perspective, we need to test whether all links are
working fine or not (any broken links?), i.e. if I click on
one link, whether the page is taking me to that particular
page or not?

In GUI, we need to test that, whether the help is
documented properly or not? i.e. if the user is stuck any
point of time, and if help is clicked, whether the page is
navigating to the exact help context or not?

As per installation is concerned, we need to verify,
whether the build is properly getting installed or not?
Whether the build is compatible (supports for upgradation
and degradation of other versions) or not?

If CLI Menus are theer, we need to make sure that, no main
menus and the child menus are missing.

In a word, we can say that, Usability (GUI), Compatibility,
Installation, CLI will all comes in to picture for the
sanity to be done.


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