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What is Database Testing? How will you do it?

Answer Posted / rajendra prasad reddy penumall

sorry sudeep your answer is wrong DATA DRIVEN TESTING is
nothing but restesting the application with different types
of inputs.

BUT database testing is different.

here the database testing means the data entered in the
front end should store properly and the data stored in the
backend(database like SQL server,Oracle..)should be display
in front end properly without any change.

here the data stored in the backend in the form of tables.

for eample if we take yahoomail login page for signin
the frontend the login window askes you your UserID and

the user ID and password will be compared with the databse
table values which you entered at the time of new account

So here there is a big diffrenece bet ween database testing
and Data Driven testing.

Database testing is testing of data consistemcy in the

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