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does j2ee means advanced java

Answer Posted / meeravali shaik

J2EE is a specification of J2SE.
javasoft people divided java into three groups.
they are J2SE,J2EE,J2ME.
Generally J2SE is useful to develop desktop applications.
whereas J2EE is useful to develop web appliacations.
don't think that J2EE is a software it is just
specification of J2SE.
J2EE means notonly servlets jsp butalso struts,jsf,ejb etc.
people are habituated to call java as core java,and
advanced java.
but it is not there in sun microsystems.
what we are calling in general is advanced java means
servlets,jsp,jdbc etc.
finally ....
please come out from the feeling of advanced java means it never like that..
it is our own idea......

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