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Term Deposit receipt

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post pscwb question and answer for accounting paper I & II for govt.officers departmental examination.


What will be entry pass in tally if TDS paid by Credit Card.?


what you mean by cross dunning


what is ment by master in tally?


would gross expenditure vouch the correctness or otherwise of the given expenses?


Apportion Nett profit of rs 325600 among the partners A,B,C and D as per sharing ratios of 26%,13%,32% and the balance to D.Pass journal entry


How to Calculate Mortgage?


how many schedules are there in accounting?


Please send me full details of MIS report how to prepare which item to be consider in MIS report? 2) full details of Esic, PF and Fbt and maharashtra labour welfare fund


what would you contribute for bhels growth




what is tds rate of WCT applay for sale tax ragistard company.


Country-Western songs emphasize three basic themes: love, prison and trucks. A survey or the local Country-Western radio station produced the following data: 12 songs about a truck driver who is in love while in prison 2 about people in prison who are not in love and do not drive trucks 8 about people who are out of prison, are not in love, and do not drive a truck 13 about a prisoner in love 28 about a person in love 18 about a truck driver in love 16 about truck drivers who are not in prison 3 about a truck driver in prison who is not in love Find the number of songs about: a) How many songs were surveyed? b) truck drivers? c) prisoners? d) truck drivers in prison? e) people not in prison? f) people not in love?


Explain about Fluctuating Capital


Example for extra ordinary expenditure?