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Advantages and Dis-advantages of V-model?Is every company
is using V-model only? pls send me the answer very quick

Answer Posted / saurabhguy

The advantages of V model are:
1) Time saving - This is because the Testing activities
start as soon as the customer gives the requirement
(parallal to the development activites)i.e. testing design
starts when requiremnts are given by customer meanwhile
developers start with coding and when the coding is
complete testing can immediately start without waste in
time for the design.
2) Cost Saving - V model is cost saving because there is
early detection of bugs while development and unit testing.

Now coming to the next part of question, All the companies
do not implement V Model. It depends on customer
requirement eg. if the customer is more interested to cover
up all risks then the company may use Spiral Model.

There are few disadvantages of V model:
1) Expensive
2) For BIG projects its a repeated process

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